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May. 25th, 2008

Gah, I finally built a new house... it's a very boring house, plain and ordinary, but I shall post a handful of pictures anyway. Nothing special, just the floorplan and a pic of one of the rooms. I build small, so I can't seem to get my camera into half the rooms properly.

It's on a 3x3 lot, which is actually an upgrade. Mighty started familyfunds down and put on a 2x2 lot, and the current lot is also a 2x2.

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May. 19th, 2008

I extracted and packaged up Relentless... for the hell of it. If anyone's interested, of course. I have all expansions and stuff packs, but I suppose you could use Clean Installer and cross your fingers - I'm a bit clueless about Sim downloading.

He's with all CC, sorry to all creators his stuff came from - though I thank very much those who give permission for such a thing. I actually don't know where some of it came from, though XD

Oh! Also, eyes are not packaged because they are my defaults. The eye is Ren's Confutatis brown.

Since I BROKE my last attempt at a legacy by accidentally deleting half a family (let's say that since then I know to check the name before I hit confirm), I've been wanting to do new ones. SO. I bring you... THE HEDGEHOG LEGACY.